A New Beginning..

Hello World!

A short introduction to what my blog is about…

We are now in the 14th day of the Year 2014. I know its no more “New Year” when people tend to post their new year’s resolutions all over the internet, but this blog is not much different from new years promises and goals.


I never make new year resolutions as i know i cant follow a single (or two..) goals for the rest 365 days. Times and situations change throughout the year and so you cant stick to one thing endlessly without cheating on it at some point.  


In this blog i am going to write the major events and my experiences per month which will lead to having a better year than the previous one. All memories created through, things i encountered for the first time or maybe the goals i hope to achieve this year. 


Life is running really fast and its about time that i realized that i should make good use of it, especially these teenage years. Its a new start and i really look forward to live most of it with happiness and also be more responsible & independent. After all at some point in life i would definitely have to be on my own.( come on..!) 


That’s all folks. Will post much more this month if i can manage. There’s a lot more interesting stuff coming ahead this year so fasten your belts for a roller coaster ride!!!!


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