Obese or anorexic…are you one of them?


Eat to live, Don’t live to eat..

One of the major health issues includes these two eating disorders: eating too much or not eating at all. These are two extreme habits of eating which leads to numerous health hazards. 

 Parents and the youth of this generation should take this topic in consideration and care for their younger generations. This is something our teenage girls should be kept aloof of that taking after slim celebrities is not a good practice. In doing so teenage girls decrease their diets and ultimately stop eating. Anorexic people tend to fear food more than losing their families or going on a war. On the contrary obese people eat much more than they are required and find it really difficult to stay away from food.

Yesterday ,in school, we held an awareness campaign about this issue. It was to make people aware about the fact that eating more or not at all than required is dangerous. Parents and students were educated about this topic and even we raised funds for donations. Me along with other students sold coffee mugs,pins and shirts printed with our self designed logo. The money collected were than donated to the local Diebeties Center for people who cant afford the cost of treatment.

It was truly a great experience and i felt really touched by it. It was a lesson for me that we all should be thankful if we don’t fall in any one of the two categories. Also if you can afford what you want, than why not help those can’t afford more than basics needs.




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