“If opportunity…

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
― Milton Berle

Few weeks ago, a girl in my class wrote this quote on the corner of the whiteboard. It grabbed my attention and got me thinking about it…



I have a fine interest in English Literature. This is a subject i can add to my interest list of the ‘very few subjects’. I mean i do like other subjects like Biology, but the thing is i can’t go in it for further studies..unless there is  a profession that involves Biology but NOT Chemistry! (i loathe chem :/ ) If you know such course or career do let me know…

Anyways back to the topic for today. I have recently read a few famous and well written English Literature novels. So far all of them were tragedies and coming forward other novels might be tragedies as well. Discussion topics can be raised involving the character analysis and whole purpose of the play itself . The life and times when the writer wrote these plays are also a big point to consider.

in past few months I’ve read:

  • Oedipus the king by Sophocles
  • Antigone by Sophocles
  • Antigone by Jean Anouilh
  • Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
  • Hamlet by Shakespeare 


I have mixed view about these novels, some appealed to me more than the others. In the end, all of them do follow a proper well planned plot and the characters also symbolize many real life events esp. Antigone by Jean Anouilh. Noble characters mostly have ill fates, after all they are a victim of what the writer has written.  

There is a lot more i can say on each character of each play. But i am sure not on this post! Maybe some other time 🙂

English Literature..YES or NO

Know anything about me??

Boy or Girl? Western or Eastern? Below 30 or above?

Its not been long since I’ve started posting  here. My ideas of being creative blogger are taking a better shape now and i am more motivated to continue blogging here.

Its great to see people liking my posts, which encourages me, that I thought would not be seen by many. But in reality my blog has been noticed (not what i thought would happen so  soon!) and people have actually started FOllowingG Me! 😀

If you are here for the first time do explore my blog!

So are you willing to know what’s my age/ gender/ nationality etc..??  By far from my previous posts  did you get any hints about who i may be..??

Fruitier than ever!

”Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”Khalil Gibran

I was wondering about it the other day, what really is a fruit? Edible stuff  grown on trees, that comes in various colors and shapes. The stuff your parents say is healthy that children often find it in their lunch boxes. As I progress in my life, I come to the thought that  a fruit is more than just this.

Fruit, can be thought of as a reward for your hard work, the happiness for your sorrows, the gift for your patience or the medicine to your pain. This is what i have figured out through some pondering. Most fruits are sweet and this is achieved only when a seed is buried in the dirt and darkness and struggles to reach the sunlight. Our efforts in life follow the same course. The more willingness and sincerity we put it,   only than we can expect a fruitful result. 

”Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” — Jean-Jacques

So few days ago, my mom brought two very expensive and weird sounding fruits. I have never heard their names but one one them turned out to have a common name which i knew. Tamarillo and Cherimoya. Uh? Do you know these people? 

Just so interesting are their benefits and the fruits themselves are beautiful. Cherimoya is also known as custard apple and yes i’ve eating this fruit. Its really sweet and is one of my most desired fruits. On the other hand tamarillo is something  new for me. Never tried it because mum brought them for my aunt who is sick. Like other fruits, these ones have their own benefits which fight diseases and keep you healthy. 

Ever tried any of the two? Which one is your favorite?

You may want to check out these  fruits if you weren’t aware like me and can also introduce a new fruit here. Comment your opinions!!

Obese or anorexic…are you one of them?


Eat to live, Don’t live to eat..

One of the major health issues includes these two eating disorders: eating too much or not eating at all. These are two extreme habits of eating which leads to numerous health hazards. 

 Parents and the youth of this generation should take this topic in consideration and care for their younger generations. This is something our teenage girls should be kept aloof of that taking after slim celebrities is not a good practice. In doing so teenage girls decrease their diets and ultimately stop eating. Anorexic people tend to fear food more than losing their families or going on a war. On the contrary obese people eat much more than they are required and find it really difficult to stay away from food.

Yesterday ,in school, we held an awareness campaign about this issue. It was to make people aware about the fact that eating more or not at all than required is dangerous. Parents and students were educated about this topic and even we raised funds for donations. Me along with other students sold coffee mugs,pins and shirts printed with our self designed logo. The money collected were than donated to the local Diebeties Center for people who cant afford the cost of treatment.

It was truly a great experience and i felt really touched by it. It was a lesson for me that we all should be thankful if we don’t fall in any one of the two categories. Also if you can afford what you want, than why not help those can’t afford more than basics needs.



Winter Wonderland!

Hello Readers!

Thick scarfs, mufflers, furry boots, jackets, warm gloves…..

Its been a long time now with this weather and i’m tired of it. I mean i am not even used to this kind of weather. You know it now,from the title itself, its winter season since four months here. 

I’ve shifted my city from the western side of the country to eastern region few months back and it used to be pretty hot back there. Rarely we felt cold or wore jackets outside or anywhere. But at this new place, i got a fair idea on what ‘really’ winter is.

If you are living in the west like UK/ USA / Canada (etc), you would laugh at me, honestly. Ten (10) Degrees Celsius is way too much cold to make my spine frost and blood freeze. I wear layers of clothes and cuddle in my thick blanket …and STILL I FEEL COLD! Not to mention the amount of times i have gotten sick (sore throat,flu ,cough..) .I’ve drank good amount of hot drinks like coffee and hot milk in the past months and literally said goodbye to ice cream or fizzy drinks. It rains as well here but I barely can go out.

When i come to think of it, winter is something i always wanted. A season i craved for and longed to shop & dress in warm winter clothes. So after all it is a time for me to enjoy. Time never waits but eventually passes which means in matter of days i will have to close all warm clothes and prepare for some light and colorful spring outfits!! 

What kind of seasons do you like? Are you enjoying or procrastinating the weather right now?