Reading is an activity which many people like to engage themselves in. Whether waiting on a railway station, waiting outside the doctor’s room, or going on a long drive reading is an activity which many people like to engage themselves in. It is a way to distract you from boredom our other worries.  Through reading the reader can attain information as well as knowledge of many kinds. Scientific knowledge or spiritual one, a reader can come across many theories and philosophies which he/she was not aware of. Newspapers for e.g update a reader with the current affairs of the world. Reading history books or texts helps the reader understand the origin of the world.

Reading a famous person’s biography gives the reader the actual experience of a particular event struggled by the biographer. The reader can learn a lot from those real life examples. The biographer’s feeling and emotions, written in words, can change the thoughts and perceptions of the reader. Knowledge can also be gained itself from a person’s journey of life. On this journey through life, a person learns a lot of lessons that helps him/her develop as an individual as well as prepares for future adventures. Sometimes these lessons make a powerful impact on one’s life, and it is hard to forget these lessons. When the person encounters a similar situation, he/she automatically thinks back to when he/she first encountered this kind of situation and how the event turned out.

There are many other methods also to attain knowledge example radio, television or a person telling verbally, but through these ways information might change or get altered. However knowledge in a book can be preserved for thousands of years. Without books, historic events could never have been studied by archaeologists and others who need it. Technology won’t lead to demise of books, as this is just another method of reading. People, who have had books as their way to read, still prefer hard copy of books rather than reading them online. 

Disappearance of books might bring negative effects on human development as many people can refrain from reading. Elderly people esp. i say will no longer bother read as it online versions of books may have information they won’t rely on.  Lastly, we gain knowledge only if we are willing to achieve it because all our knowledge has its origins in our own perceptions.                


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