Chocolate lovers come HERE!


Eating left overs like a perfect chocolate brownie  praline ice cream cake, after a tiring school day is the best thing ever!! I totally love and if you want to try it too, go for Baskin Robbins (just like i did 😉


World is a better place as it has things like mouthwatering chocolaty brownies, Nutella, Oreo, Ferraro R ocher, Cookies and cream white chocolate, lava cake with vanilla ice cream!

Do you agree? 😀  😉 














Something is about to come………

My life is going to experience something it had never imagined of experiencing….

A month an a day is left for that awesome and the most awaited event of the year to arrive. Being precise, actually 28 days are left (feb you are different!)

I’m really excited for that moment which is sure going to be a turning point of my life. I hope all goes well till then, also during and after the event!

Soon i will be posting my bucket list or wish list you can say. Its divided into two: things to achieve before my birthday and things to achieve before 2014 ends.

The up coming ‘something’ will definitely be the ‘main breakout’ wish to be completed for a lifetime!! (probably :D) 

Can you guess what’s it gonna be?

Do suggest ideas for my soon-to-be-posted bucket list 🙂

Thank you. have good day!


Welcome February!

Hello Feb! 😀

What comes in your mind when you think of this month? Is it your birthday in here?

Or anyone lucky turning Fourteen(14) this February 2k Fourteen (2014)?!?

Well for me the month February creates a pink and red image in my mind. It is a in month which many birthdays in my family take place. Also a month that passes away so quick! After all it is the shortest month of the year.

Maybe if you are a student, like me, you are now more closer towards your finals or external exams. Might as  well it is a month of weddings in some families..not mine though!

Right now i can not recall any memorable event happened in the past Feb.. but can you?? You might want to share something and honestly i am very much interested to listen 🙂

This February coming ahead for me is just full of loads of home-works, projects and commitments. But still i will try to make every day have something positive and worth smiling for later.

Happy February 2014!