July ,a month for summer holidays has started! Of all the four  seasons, summer is one of my favourite seasons. It’s a time I can stay home, away from the sun’s heat, and cool off. That is because  I live in a very  hot and dry country.

Summer is  probably the happiest period in a student’s life. A time you can relax after  tiring   school  days. Its a chance for a person to find out new perspectives of life.   It also gives an opportunity  to visit  places you wish to go.

            Summer is the stuff of dreams. When adults sit at their desks, and children sit in school, they dream of summer. Summer is the time of infinite fun like watching movies, reading novels, ice-creams,ice lollies, milkshakes, swimming, surfing the internet and the list goes on..

So whatever or where ever you spend your summer holidays like, just enjoy it.It may not be what you wanted but you’ll definitely miss these days!

Happy July 2013!