Time for me write more…

Its 17 march 2014.

March month just started and is already more than half over. Its shocking how this year time flew like wind. This month has given me  much exposure to new culture and tradition. By some post I will be reflecting on all the experience I gained from visiting the heart of Turkey : Istanbul

I am so obsessed with Turkey and Turkish stuff that here on Word press I keep reading blogs under Turkish tags. (lol :p)

When I read those blogs , I increasingly get frustrated by my visit to Istanbul. I did not do justice to all the beautiful places and the breathtaking nature. Now back home I realize that I haven’t taken enough pictures. In fact no pictures at all of some places, let alone “enough”. Plus I never got to see any sunset which people describe as the “most wonderful scene”.

My trip was a hectic one and it wasn’t for the purpose of tourism. Maybe some time later in life I want to go again for only and  solely tourism purpose. I want to see all the promised mesmerizing beauties and taste more variety of scrumptious foods! 


Good things happen in a blink of an eye….


No more of the countdown, no more preparation and no more freaking out. What is left to think of are those precious memories I have collect in a week’s time. Once in a lifetime experience was worth every possible good times in my life.  Now whatever I am doing I unknowingly wonder off into those lovely memories which bring a smile on my face.

It was expensive and it was the first to travel without parents into a country I’d never been to. Some experiences, mistakes, talks, occasions have changed me in a way. I feel really lucky to visit the heart of Turkey for the MUNDP’14.

Istanbul. What a really beautiful and colorful city which stole my heart. Honestly I have never been to such a place with arrays of colors and natural beauty. Flowers, trees. The cold wind and the rain are the free things I craved for.

To attend the Model United Nations Conference was a first time experience  and the Turkish people there  really amazed me. Very kind, caring and good looking people there is one of the reasons I want to go back (are u Turkish..? 😉 . I never knew Turkey is such a cultural and historic place as well and so all those museums left me awestruck.

The trip to Princess islands was definitely the best one ever. It was so peaceful and felt as if a fairly tale had come to life. Those cottages and the country like atmosphere. The hilly streets and the tiny souvenir stalls and the restaurant waiters calling for food was simply awesome.  

  There is still a lot to say and recall those perfect days. The 6 days long trip with school friends is so far my favorite highlight of 2014!   

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