Fruitier than ever!

”Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”Khalil Gibran

I was wondering about it the other day, what really is a fruit? Edible stuff  grown on trees, that comes in various colors and shapes. The stuff your parents say is healthy that children often find it in their lunch boxes. As I progress in my life, I come to the thought that  a fruit is more than just this.

Fruit, can be thought of as a reward for your hard work, the happiness for your sorrows, the gift for your patience or the medicine to your pain. This is what i have figured out through some pondering. Most fruits are sweet and this is achieved only when a seed is buried in the dirt and darkness and struggles to reach the sunlight. Our efforts in life follow the same course. The more willingness and sincerity we put it,   only than we can expect a fruitful result. 

”Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” — Jean-Jacques

So few days ago, my mom brought two very expensive and weird sounding fruits. I have never heard their names but one one them turned out to have a common name which i knew. Tamarillo and Cherimoya. Uh? Do you know these people? 

Just so interesting are their benefits and the fruits themselves are beautiful. Cherimoya is also known as custard apple and yes i’ve eating this fruit. Its really sweet and is one of my most desired fruits. On the other hand tamarillo is something  new for me. Never tried it because mum brought them for my aunt who is sick. Like other fruits, these ones have their own benefits which fight diseases and keep you healthy. 

Ever tried any of the two? Which one is your favorite?

You may want to check out these  fruits if you weren’t aware like me and can also introduce a new fruit here. Comment your opinions!!


Dirty Beach…clean it up!

Water contamination is a major global issue.  Littering your environment causes many negative effects to the environment as well as human health. To spread awareness, today my school took us to the near by beach to pick up all the trash from there.

So today was tiring. Right after school we all went to the beach. I paired up with one of my classmates and we took our shovels and a large plastic bag.  We wore gloves and than for good 2 hrs picked up trash. It was sunny as well mildly cold wind brush past us. We took a few hasty pictures as well cause you know cant let go of and event without pictures 😛 . We ate chocolates and drank juices on our way back.

So that’s it, now i’m suppose to turn in a long essay to my teacher reflecting my experience on how i found this whole activity like. This was the first time i did such an activity and it was a good time to bond with my new friends!