Winter Wonderland!

Hello Readers!

Thick scarfs, mufflers, furry boots, jackets, warm gloves…..

Its been a long time now with this weather and i’m tired of it. I mean i am not even used to this kind of weather. You know it now,from the title itself, its winter season since four months here. 

I’ve shifted my city from the western side of the country to eastern region few months back and it used to be pretty hot back there. Rarely we felt cold or wore jackets outside or anywhere. But at this new place, i got a fair idea on what ‘really’ winter is.

If you are living in the west like UK/ USA / Canada (etc), you would laugh at me, honestly. Ten (10) Degrees Celsius is way too much cold to make my spine frost and blood freeze. I wear layers of clothes and cuddle in my thick blanket …and STILL I FEEL COLD! Not to mention the amount of times i have gotten sick (sore throat,flu ,cough..) .I’ve drank good amount of hot drinks like coffee and hot milk in the past months and literally said goodbye to ice cream or fizzy drinks. It rains as well here but I barely can go out.

When i come to think of it, winter is something i always wanted. A season i craved for and longed to shop & dress in warm winter clothes. So after all it is a time for me to enjoy. Time never waits but eventually passes which means in matter of days i will have to close all warm clothes and prepare for some light and colorful spring outfits!! 

What kind of seasons do you like? Are you enjoying or procrastinating the weather right now? 

Dirty Beach…clean it up!

Water contamination is a major global issue.  Littering your environment causes many negative effects to the environment as well as human health. To spread awareness, today my school took us to the near by beach to pick up all the trash from there.

So today was tiring. Right after school we all went to the beach. I paired up with one of my classmates and we took our shovels and a large plastic bag.  We wore gloves and than for good 2 hrs picked up trash. It was sunny as well mildly cold wind brush past us. We took a few hasty pictures as well cause you know cant let go of and event without pictures 😛 . We ate chocolates and drank juices on our way back.

So that’s it, now i’m suppose to turn in a long essay to my teacher reflecting my experience on how i found this whole activity like. This was the first time i did such an activity and it was a good time to bond with my new friends!